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Immersion Learning in Wilding Village

Four rustic cabins nestled in the woods on Wild Roots Farm make up Wilding Village. This is the housing offered during our farm immersion programs and workshops.


The Cabins

Scotch Plot cabin

Large stone steps give way to a small airy cabin nestled along the trail. This cabin’s name comes from old documents calling this land “the scotch plot” presumably because it was settled by Scots. The cabin sleeps 2 people.

Avalon Cabin

This one sleeps two guests and is a small beautiful cabin painted with magical creatures. The space shines with creativity and imagination! It is overlooking a rock ledge into the woods.

Bracken Fern Cabin

Nestled farther along the path this cabin was the old Growing Wild schoolhouse when the farm hosted weekly homeschool programs. The charcoal drawings of kids who learned on the farm can still be seen on the outside walls. This cabin sleeps 2-3 people and has a small wood stove for heat on chilly nights.

Skye Cabin

This cabin is named after one of our beautiful past Scottish Highland bulls and an Island in Scotland. It is the largest in size furnishd with a small cook stove, rainwater collection system with a small sink and table to eat at. Sleeps 2 people.

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