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May 4th Foraging Workshop

May 4th Foraging Workshop

Come play at Wild Roots Farm as we forage for wild edibles in the fields and woods. We will sustainably harvest wild greens for salads and sautéing and dig roots for herbal spring tonic infusions. Learn about dandelion, yellow dock, burdock, mustard greens, violet leaves, nettles, and ramps, plus meet all the delicate woodland flowers to witness blooming! This is a two-hour program where we will identify, harvest, and taste your wild food samples (visit the baby lambs). $20 per person. Registration ahead of time is required as space is limited. 


Sorry, no dogs are allowed on the farm because we have a livestock guardian dog.


Bring waterproof shoes, a basket, a pair of scissors or a knife (trowel optional)


If you live far away and would like to stay in one of our off-grid, rustic cabins, please call for details at 845-701-1738 . We highly recommend immersing yourself in nature for the full weekend to give yourself a taste of what it is to rewild.


This is about you, the plants, and nature! Getting real starts in the soil.

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